Next Steps

Thank you for your comments. We will take these into consideration in progressing the Land at Hospital Cross scheme.

We feel it is important to inform the public about the general development process and timeline moving forward. This is outlined below.


Public Consultation

January 2021


Before we submit a planning application for the Land at Hospital development, we will engage with the public as follows:


  • Local newspaper advertisements – These will outline the consultation process and timetable and include a link to the Land at Hospital Cross consultation website.

  • Leaflets – Leaflets will be circulated to local residents in Hospital Cross and the immediate areas containing a brief description of the proposed development, a link to the consultation website and a pre-paid comments slip.

This consultation will allow our Development Team to engage with local residents and the community to receive feedback on the proposed Development scheme.

The application will be accompanied by a Statement of Community Involvement which will detail the feedback received with respect to this public consultation exercise and set-out how the development proposals adapted in response.


Planning Process

Application submissions: Spring 2021

Determination: Autumn 2021


As identified, Parsonage Developments is seeking to submit an application seeking full planning permission. Such an application requires all relevant details to be finalised and submitted upfront. This will include full details regarding the type and amount of retail floorspace and parking as well as design aspects such as layout, building heights, landscaping and vehicular, pedestrian and cycle access. Furthermore, we will be providing details of sustainable features (e.g. photovoltaic solar panels) as well as how we will be promoting biodiversity onsite.
You will be able to submit comments on the planning application directly to Cornwall Council once it is validated and live. The comments section of the Land at Hospital Cross consultation website will be activated so you can make further representations, should you wish.


Post Planning

End 2021 / Early 2022

Any grant of planning permission will include details of Planning Obligations that Parsonage Developments must adhere to, via a S106 Legal Agreement. These are necessary to offset any infrastructure impacts of the Land at Hospital Cross development. Furthermore, Parsonage Developments will have to enter into a S278 Legal Agreement for approval to undertake any necessary improvements to the existing highway network.

Cornwall Council will also require further details on the designs, construction process and operations or phasing of the development of the Development before construction work can proceed. This will be dealt via planning conditions. Residents and the local community will have an opportunity to make representations on these matters.


Construction and Delivery

Spring/Summer 2022 onwards


Once the land purchase has been completed and planning conditions have been discharged construction of the Development can commence. This is likely to be phased to meet market demand and may take between 18 to 24 months, subject to restrictions from Covid-19.

We understand there will be some noise, dust and traffic impacts associated with the construction but please understand these are short-term impacts which Parsonage Developments will mitigate via a Construction Management Plan. Helston Town Council, RNAS Culdrose, residents and the local community will have an opportunity to comment on the Construction Management Plan and provide ideas and suggestions on how the public can influence the construction process. This could include offering contracts, trade jobs, apprenticeship schemes, training/education and work experience to local businesses and people. There could also be opportunities for art to be displayed on hoardings for the development sites.